Where Should Home Security Cameras be Installed?

When looking into home security a lot of questions and concerns can arise. Many may ask where should home security cameras be installed, among many other questions. Security cameras provide another set of eyes to the interior and exterior of your home, adding another layer of protection beyond alarms or sensors. When it comes to camera placement, a security company can help determine the best locations and handle installation.

Stratagem Security has the best security and installation professionals here in Westchester County. Our team can identify areas of concern and address them with any necessary security equipment installation. Stratagem Security offers comprehensive network video surveillance.

Exterior Security Cameras

Around 34% of all burglars enter through the front door. As such a camera at this entry point would be a good idea. Additionally a doorbell camera would also catch any porch pirates who would steal your packages. Secondary entry points such as side or back doors, as well as garages should also have video surveillance to catch any unwelcome visitors. Other points of video monitoring should be your yard and driveway.

Interior Camera Placement

It may seem intrusive to have cameras inside the home, but in the event of an incident or being able to remotely monitor your home, they can be invaluable. Many security companies recommend that you should  place cameras in common areas, such as the kitchen and family rooms. Also they recommend covering throughways, like stairs and hallways. With cameras in the common areas you can monitor children and pets when you’re away from home. While cameras on the stairs and hallways can allow you to monitor intruders.

Security Camera Don’ts

One of the key things to remember is to not aim cameras into your neighbors’ homes, this may not only be illegal but also entirely unwelcome. Also, placing security cameras inside your bedrooms or bathrooms isn’t something usually something security professionals recommend for a variety of reasons. This is entirely important if you have a remote monitoring service.

Video Camera Installation

With a better idea of where should home security cameras be installed, you should contact an experienced security and installation company. Stratagem Security can handle your installation and set up your monitoring service. With decades of experience in the security industry, our team will ensure your family and home are protected. Contact us today to discuss your security options.

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