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What Is The Most Important Feature Of A Security System?

Are you in need of a commercial or residential security system but you’re not sure what the most important feature of a security system is? Strategem Security in Westchester County NY has years of experience providing security systems, and when it comes to security systems, every feature is important because they all work together to keep you, your family, and your property safe.

Each feature of a security system has a role to play. Some are more important than others, but a complete security system should ideally include the following features.

Professional Monitoring

A security system is good if you plan to regularly monitor your property, but what if you can’t do it for some reason? If you are unable to monitor what’s going on at your property, someone needs to alert the proper authorities when your system sounds the alarm.

With professional monitoring, you can have peace of mind that if there’s a problem it will be taken care of immediately.  93 percent of Americans prefer professional monitoring and consider it a top feature of any security system. Strategem Security offers quality professional monitoring so you can feel good about your security even when you are not able to self-monitor.

Remote Access

Conveniently accessible security systems are a feature that is only rising in popularity today since most Americans possess a smartphone that can easily connect you with your system remotely. Remote access allows you to connect to your camera feed to monitor your property. You can also arm and disarm the system whenever you want and lock and unlock smart locks at will.

Home Automation

Another feature of security systems that is gaining popularity because of smartphones is the ability to integrate the system with your home automation features so you can remotely control other aspects of your home such as the HVAC, lights, and even the thermostat. The ability to turn your lights on and off remotely can also help deter potential intruders because it will appear as if someone is home.

Redundant Power Supply

Losing power can be an opportunity for intruders if your security system runs on the same power supply as the rest of the home with no backup. That’s why redundancy is becoming a more popular feature. A redundant power supply ensures that your security system will continue working even if the electricity goes out for whatever reason.


A wireless security system not only means you won’t have wires running everywhere but also means that intruders can’t cut the wires to shut off your system. Wireless technology prevents such a vulnerability. Your security system is also mobile so you can monitor your property on your phone and receive notifications when there is a potential problem.

Cameras & Recording Capability

Cameras with the ability to record provide evidence police and prosecutors can use against the culprits who violated your home or business. It’s also much easier to monitor. A camera may also scare intruders away because they will know that either you or one of our professionals at Strategem Security are watching.


Sensors are essential for any security system because they can detect movement inside and outside your home or business. They can trigger lights and alarms and give you an instant notification. They can also detect hazards such as fire, temperature changes, and flooding.

Easy To Use

Just as important to any security system is the ability to easily use it. Strategem Security provides systems that are easy to use. Once you learn how to use all the features of your system, it will be like second nature to you. Smartphones have especially made security systems easier to use.

Secure Your Home Or Business Today!

Stratagem Security believes that every homeowner and businessowner should feel safe and confident that their property is safe even when they are not there. We provide security systems with all of the above features and more! To get a security system installed, call us at 914-777-8000 today!

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