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What Is A Good Alternative To ADT?

While ADT security systems offer homeowners peace of mind and safety, it’s not the only system available on the market. In fact, there is more than one good alternative to ADT for those who would like multiple options. And Strategem Security in Westchester County NY is happy to tell you all about them.

What Is A Good Alternative To ADT?

ADT has a lot of features to offer, but the problem is that ADT comes with a more expensive price tag and a years-long restrictive contract. That’s why homeowners need more options to choose from when selecting an efficient security system. Luckily, the security systems market has grown drastically over the years, especially as advances in technology have given rise to easier self-monitoring and control via smartphones.

Today, homeowners have more than one good alternative to ADT to choose from, the top four being SimpliLife, Vivint, Frontpoint, and Cove. All of these security systems have features that homeowners desire all while being similarly or less expensive.


SimpliSafe is one of the most flexible security systems on the market today. Homeowners don’t have to sign a contract and it costs less than ADT. The SimpliSafe system is favorably comparable to the ADT Pulse and ADT Control systems. This DIY system can be set up yourself in about 20 minutes. You get cameras to set up in key areas of your home and property.  You can monitor your system at home or even when you are out. Plus, you have 24-hour support and professional monitoring, the most popular feature among customers.

In addition, packages start at under $200 and there’s no contract. However, there is one drawback.

Unlike ADT, SimpliSafe does not offer home automation integration, which means you won’t be able to control your lights and thermostat through it. However, it does work with smart locks. If you can live without home automation integration, SimpliSafe is an excellent choice.


Vivint is on a similar tier as ADT. It offers professional installation of quality equipment and even provides home automation integration like ADT. If you are looking for a system very similar to ADT, Vivint is the option you are looking for because it offers many of the same features.

However, it’s also similar because prices are roughly the same, albeit a little more affordable than ADT. You also need to sign a lengthy contract, which might be an issue for those who really don’t like commitment. One thing that Vivint doesn’t offer is a landline connection for monitoring, which may not be the right fit for homeowners who live in rural areas. Vivint only offers cellular monitoring.


Another DIY home security system, Frontpoint has all the features and quality equipment offered by ADT. You can get home automation, panic pendants, glass break and flood sensors, remote access, and cameras. And you get all this for a monthly cost of $49.99 for professional monitoring plus the cost of the additional equipment. The system is easy to set up yourself and serves as a good alternative to ADT.


Yet another good alternative to ADT is the Cove security system, which allows homeowners to pick and choose equipment based on their needs and home sizes. Therefore, you aren’t paying for things you don’t want. Cove offers two plans that include professional monitoring, sensors, motion detectors, key fobs, and cellular backup or redundancy so you don’t lose security service if the power goes out. You can even integrate Cove into your Alexa or Google Assistant. The monthly cost ranges from $17.99 to $27.99 and there are no contracts to sign.

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Strategem Security is an authorized dealer and servicer of all major brands of security systems. We also offer systems from DSC,, Napco, Honeywell, and several others. ADT is not the only security system that can provide safety for you and your home. Find a good alternative to ADT by calling us at 914-777-8000 today!

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