To Test Your System:

1. Call the Central Station at (914)939-6666 and have your system put on test. You will need to provide your password.

2. Once the system is on the test, make sure all zones are secure and you have a green light.

3. Arm the system as you normally would if you were leaving, open and close the front door if there is a motion detector that can see you use a different location or stay still until the system is armed.

4. Once the system has completed the exit time and is secure, you can move to trigger a motion or open any door or window to trip the alarm.

5. Allow the alarm to ring for at least 60 seconds to avoid canceling the signal to the central station.

6. Disarm the alarm to silence the siren. You can arm and disarm the system to clear the alarm memory if it’s showing on the display.

7.Call back the Central Station and make sure the system reported the alarm and zone correctly and place your system back online

If for any reason there was an issue with the system communication, call our office at (914)777-5700 and schedule service right away.


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