Commercial Fire Systems New York City

Fire Protection Services in Westchester County NY

Let Stratagem Security handle all of your security needs and you’ll be resting in confidence because Stratagem Security is an alarm company equipped in covering all of your fire protection, alarm system, residential and commercial security needs. Stratagem Security solutions are built with the reliability

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Fire Protection Services Westchester NY

In Westchester County New York, there is a great need for reliable Fire Protection Services. As many new and modern homes and buildings are equaled by the historic and older homes throughout the Westchester area. Thinking now, is your property protected?  Do you completely trust the system completely

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Commercial Fire

Stratagem Security can help ensure the safety of you and your business with a Commercial Fire Alarm System. The goal of creating a safe and secure environment for your workplace means taking the proper precautions to detect a fire early- every second counts. Our Commercial Fire Alarm Systems will not

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