Smart Home Security Installation

Smart Home Security Installation

If TV and movies are anything to go by, thieves are getting smarter. Burglars now rely on a combination of science and technology to get the job done. Since criminals have abandoned old mechanical methods, you must do the same. Do not rely on traditional security systems to combat technologically adept intruders. Instead, take advantage of the smart home security installation options available.

What Is Smart Home Security?

“Smart” security systems are linked to a home internet system. Using the internet of things, Stratagem Security places all your security apparatuses into one simple setup. We also provide a remote-view app from which you can check your property while away. All you need is an internet connection. The app also sends real-time alerts via text and email in case of unusual activities.

A Comprehensive Smart Home Security Solution

Stratagem Security offers a comprehensive smart home security installation solution. We seek to address even the smallest security vulnerabilities. You only choose the security item you want, and we install it. We offer smart alarms, smart video doorbells, and smart outdoor or indoor cameras. We also have smart smoke detectors and smart door and window opening sensors available. You may also shop for automatic and custom alerts, triggers, and reminders. We also offer gate, flood detection, fire protection, and perimeter intrusion detection systems.

We install the security systems for you and provide support services afterward. Our aftersales services include remote access integration, remote support, and 24-hour on-call service.

Skilled Techs

We have a team of experts to handle whatever type of security system you need. They have the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to install the latest models. The experts will work with you to make a plan and offer advice where necessary.

Easy to Navigate

Our systems and equipment offer easy navigation. You do not need to worry about the technical intricacies. Our expert techs fix each system and link them all up to your cellphone. You can control your entire security setup from the app.

Excellent Smart Home Security Installation Services

For smart home security installation services, visit Stratagem Security at Elmsford, New York. You can also call 914-777-8000 to request an appointment.

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