Security Systems Westchester NYIf you’re considering security systems in Westchester, NY, you may not yet know what you’re looking for. But you do know one thing: it has to be a stellar system that keeps your home or business safe.

Stratagem Security offers the best tools and technology to do just that. Its experts have years of experience, excellent service, and top-quality systems. All these make them one of the best suppliers of security systems in Westchester, NY.

Providing Security Systems in Westchester, NY, for 45 Years

Stratagem Security has been in business in the Hudson Valley region since 1974. It knows exactly how to help customers in need of security systems in Westchester, NY. The Stratagem Security professional team can help you figure out exactly what you need to keep your home safe.

If you’re looking to install a security system at your business, Stratagem Security can help. Its services are great for either residential or commercial properties. The company offers options for access, integration, surveillance, and more. This technology is the best in the business. Stratagem Security ensures that it is there to protect you exactly when you need it.

Types of Security Systems Services Offered by Stratagem Security

  • Surveillance Systems: Closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance systems are integral to comprehensive security setups. These systems utilize cameras strategically placed around the property to monitor and record activities. Modern surveillance systems offer high-definition video quality, night vision capabilities, and remote viewing options, allowing homeowners and business owners to keep a watchful eye on their premises from anywhere at any time.


  • Alarm Systems: Alarm systems are designed to detect unauthorized entry, break-ins, or other emergencies. They typically consist of sensors placed on doors, windows, and other access points. When triggered, the alarm system emits a loud siren or alert, signaling a potential threat. Many alarm systems are connected to a monitoring center, which alerts the authorities or designated individuals when an alarm is activated.


  • Access Control Systems: Access control systems regulate entry to a property, building, or specific areas within. These systems utilize various methods for authentication, such as keycards, biometric scans (fingerprint or retina), or keypad codes. Access control systems enhance security by allowing only authorized individuals to enter restricted areas, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and potential threats.


  • Remote Monitoring: Modern security systems often include remote monitoring capabilities, allowing users to monitor their properties remotely using smartphones, tablets, or computers. Remote monitoring enables homeowners and business owners in Westchester, NY, to view live camera feeds, receive real-time alerts, and manage access control from any location. This feature provides convenience, flexibility, and added peace of mind, particularly when away from the property.

Consider several factors when selecting a security system in Westchester, NY.

  • Property Type: Different properties have different security needs. Residential homes, commercial establishments, and industrial facilities may require tailored security solutions. Assess the vulnerabilities and potential risks associated with your property to determine the appropriate level of protection required.


  • Budget: Set a budget for your security system installation and ongoing monitoring costs. Consider the long-term benefits and potential savings that a reliable security system can provide. Keep in mind that investing in a high-quality security system is an investment in the safety and protection of your property.


  • Scalability: Anticipate any future expansions or modifications to your property. Select a security system that can accommodate growth and changes in security requirements. Scalable systems allow for the integration of additional cameras, sensors, or access control points as needed.


  • Integration: If you have existing security components, such as surveillance cameras or access control systems, ensure that the new security system can integrate with them seamlessly. This integration creates a unified security solution, allowing for easier management and enhanced overall security.


  • Professional Installation: While some security systems are designed for do-it-yourself installation, it is often beneficial to seek professional installation services. Professional installers possess the expertise and knowledge to set up the system correctly, ensuring optimal performance and effectiveness.

Offering Installation and Repair Services for Security Systems in Westchester, NY

The company prides itself on getting you the best security systems in Westchester, NY, at a reasonable price. With Stratagem Security, you’ll get top-quality surveillance tools that are also affordable. The team also wants to ensure all your interactions have a personal touch. It values communication and customer service, getting you in touch with real people, not robots. When it comes to security systems in Westchester, NY, no one can rival Stratagem Security.

The company offers a huge range of services for security systems in Westchester, NY. Stratagem Security has experience with everything, from large projects to small personal technology. It offers standard and smart home systems, so you can decide what’s best for your home or business. From integration features to alarm systems, Stratagem Security has everything you need to feel safe.

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