Stay aware of what’s happening in your home or business, even when you’re away with the help of Stratagem Security’s video solutions. With brands like and Axis Communication’s interactive video monitoring you’ll never miss a moment of the key activity with features like these.

What We Offer :

  • - Design / Cabling
  • - HD / Megapixel I.P Recorders and Servers
  • - Wi-Fi and Interactive Solutions
  • - Access / Security Integration
  • - HD / Megapixel I.P. Cameras
  • - Video Storage Solutions
  • - Remote View Apps and Access

  • - Real-time alerts Get video clips sent directly to you via text or email for specific activity you care about. Anytime the front door opens or motion is detected in the basement, the alarm is triggered, and you receive direct alerts.
  • - Live streaming video feeds: Check-in whenever you want from your smartphone, tablet, or computer to get a live view of what’s going on in your home or business.
  • - Peek-in access: Smart home security video cameras capture motion or event-triggered clips, making it easy to find exactly what you want to watch later on your smartphone, tablet or computer, wherever you are.

Stratagem Security also offers the following video surveillance services :

Hybrid Server Solutions –  Do you have a current analog camera system? Are you looking to upgrade without upgrading every camera? That’s not an issue with our Hybrid Server Solutions, which allow a server upgrade that supports analog and IP Cameras.

Video System Performance Monitoring – We offer multiple levels of solutions for camera and server disconnects and malfunctions. Avoid going to retrieve footage and discovering the server or camera was disconnected. Never worry about unknown disconnects again with Stratagem Security Monitoring your camera and server status. Don’t hesitate contacting us today to explore your video monitoring options at no charge.

Preventative Maintenance – Just like an automobile, a video system requires preventative maintenance to allow for maximum performance. If we installed the system of not, please reach out to us to explore your preventative maintenance options.

Service Agreements– Looking to budget your video system over the entire year? Not an issue with our parts and labor service agreements. We also offer less scalable levels of service agreements to better suit your budget and needs.

Stratagem Security is constantly learning and implementing leading solutions based on our customer’s budget and needs. The Network Video landscape is always evolving with advanced compression, higher quality pictures, and additional features. Stratagem is always keeping pace along with them. We offer a variety of residential and commercial solutions.

Please feel free to contact us for a no-cost on-site visit from one of the members of our no pressure design team.

Stratagem Security proudly provides both residential and commercial security solutions to the following:

Westchester Country | Rockland County | Nassau County | Orange County | Putnam County | Dutchess County | Bergen County | Hudson County

Tuckahoe, Eastchester, Yonkers, White Plains, Ardsley, Hastings, Dobbs Ferry, Greenburgh, Mamaroneck, Larchmont, Scarsdale, Mt. Vernon, Mount Vernon, Pelham, Port Chester, Rockland, Suffern, Middletown, Monroe, Monticello, Goshen, Chester, Patterson, Manhattan, Long Island, New York City, Newark, North Bergen, New Jersey and more!

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