Orange County Alarm Systems

While Orange County has long been considered one of the safest counties in New York, the crime rate has been increasing annually. Being proactive and installing an alarm system can prevent you or your family from becoming one of those increasing statistics. Orange County alarm systems have become an important tool in fighting crime.

Stratagem Security has been installing these alarm systems for years. Our team of technicians and security experts will make sure you and your family have protection 24 hours a day at your home. Additionally, we offer a variety of protection options, including video surveillance and 24/7 monitoring.

Security Options

Every home and each family is different. At Stratagem Security we can customize your security package to one that meets your unique needs and budget. We utilize a wide variety of options for your protection.

Exterior and Interior Motion Detection

Exterior motion detectors are fairly common. Often seen in the form of floodlights that come on when the sensor detects movement. Infrared interior motion detectors will often sound an alarm or lights when sensing body heat of a person who has come into the home once the system is on.

Glass Break Detection

Most burglaries start with a broken window. An intruder will break the glass to gain entry to the home. Glass break sensors send an alert or sound an alarm when the window or pane of glass is broken.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Protection

Fire is reported as the most expensive loss on insurance claims. While carbon monoxide is often a silent killer due to it being virtually undetectable by scent or sight. Fire and carbon monoxide detectors protect your home and family by notifying you to the presence of smoke or carbon monoxide. With a monitoring service in place, an alert will also go out to emergency services. This allows for a faster response and quick resolution.

Gas Detection

Gas leaks can lead to explosions and loss of life as well as property. While gas does have an odor, having a gas detector is still a good idea. This type of device will alert you to the presence of gas and allow you to contact the gas company promptly.

Orange County Alarm Systems

With the increase in crime, getting an alarm system is vitally important. Stratagem Security will come out and evaluate your security’s weaknesses and discuss your concerns. We can then provide you the best security options, and discuss with you any concerns you may have.

Stratagem Security has the knowledge and expertise right here in Orange County to both evaluate and install your security system. Contact us today for a quote.


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