Cost of a home security system

What Is the Monthly Cost of a Home Security System?

When people begin considering their home security, the first thought is usually, “What Is the Monthly Cost of a Home Security System?” At Stratagem Security, our technicians will explain every part of your security system to you including monthly monitoring fees.

Security System Horror Stories We’ve All Heard

We’ve all seen the ads from the large companies — “Our security system includes FREE installation!” What they don’t tell you is that you may get the initial equipment installed free, but the cost of the equipment is exorbitant. Some companies lease the equipment to customers with a monthly fee on top of monthly monitoring service fees.

These “deals” usually include a lengthy contract period with a high fee to dismiss. You think you’ll be getting a bill for $20.00 for monitoring costs and your bill arrives saying that your monthly cost is $127.34. After you recover from your sticker shock you call customer service and they explain (finally) all the extra fees that are included.

Unfortunately, this bait-and-switch has been and will continue to be a tactic used by many security companies. In order to avoid poor business practices when you consider installing a home security system, start with a local company.

Stratagem Security in Elmsford, NY has a great reputation. Their service is backed by more than four decades of experience in security systems. Their owners, technicians, and office staff are your neighbors in Westchester County!

Why Home Security Systems Make Sense

In this day and age, having a monitored home security system makes great sense. Even if you live in a “safe” area with a low crime rate. Peace of mind is the first reason. Knowing that your home and property are safe while you are out and even when you are home is priceless.

Protection is often one of the primary factors. Not only is your home and family safe from potential intruders, but also from fire. A monitored service automatically notifies the proper emergency service agencies. This can have rescue personnel on their way to save the day before you even realize there is a problem!

Alarms are a documented crime deterrent. A five-year study by Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice (SCJ) in Newark noted a decrease in overall crime with the known presence of home security systems.

Home insurance rates are lower when you have a monitored security system. Not only that, but with a security system tied into your home controls such as lighting, you can lower your utility bills by remotely turning off lights or adjusting heating and cooling when no one is home. You can set many functions with timers to ensure energy cost savings while you are at work, on vacation, or just out grocery shopping.

If you are on the fence about the benefits of a home security system, contact Stratagem Security and have a technician visit your location to offer an estimate. The results might amaze you!

Components of a Home Security System

When you consider the cost of a home security system, you need to factor in more than a simple alarm or camera on your front door. Professional home security systems include a wide array of equipment. They provide better overall security to your entire home, including outbuildings and garages.

Although each property may have a different configuration, the basic components remain the same:

Motion sensors: These can be useful in illuminating both indoor and outdoor spaces. They can also control cameras and activate alarms systems.

Door and window sensors: These small devices keep track of opening and closing windows and doors. When integrated into a home security system they will send a text alert when a window or door is opened.

Indoor and outdoor cameras: Often tied into the motion sensor system, these cameras can monitor your property inside and out. They may be installed near doors, on outbuildings, facing driveways, and other areas where intruders may attempt to access your residence.

Broken glass detectors: These small sound sensors send out an alarm if they detect the unique sound of breaking glass.

Smoke detectors: Although normally an integral component in any home, most only include local alarms. Tying smoke detectors into a home security system will automatically notify the fire department for you.

Carbon Monoxide detectors: These detectors sense the existence of carbon monoxide gas. This colorless and odorless is deadly when it accumulates.

Window stickers and yard signs: The unsung heroes of the home security system are the silent, but effective notices to anyone that may be thinking of targeting your home.

Although you may not have all of these components on your property, this list offers a basic idea. All of the components are integrated for comprehensive coverage of your property.

Average Monthly Cost of a Home Security System

There are two main options for security equipment installation. Self-installed Do-It-Yourself (DIY) security systems or a professionally installed system.

DIY Solutions — Pros and Cons

DIY kits are available from multiple online vendors. They can range in price from $99 to well over $600 depending on the included components. These kits are fairly easy to install with a minimum of technical know-how. They can be self-monitored, or connected to a monitoring service.

The self-monitoring option means that if you are not able to respond to an alert, there is no one else that will notify emergency personnel. So if you do opt for a DIY kit, paying the monthly monitoring fee does have advantages.

With these kits, you own and maintain the equipment. If a part of the system becomes non-operational, you either need to repair it or replace it. These systems attach to a smartphone app that permits the homeowner to control system operations.

System monitoring for DIY security kits can range from $10 to $50 monthly.

Professional Installation Options

With professionally installed and monitored systems, your responsibilities generally revolve around remembering to arm your system. From the time you arrange for a custom estimate until your home security system is complete, all you have to do is smile.

Working with Stratagem Security for your home will offer you peace of mind, 24/7 monitoring, and technicians ready to answer any questions you may have about your system.

Monthly monitoring costs average from $15 to $55 or more depending on the components in the system.

Determine Your Needs — Then Call the Pros

If you are ready to talk to the professionals at Stratagem Security, please check out the New Customer Incentive and Request an Estimate. You may speak directly to our sales representative by calling (914) 777-8000.

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