Thomas Kempkes – Owner/Partner:

Team Member Since 2005

My career in the security industry began in 1987. After working for some great local companies like Alarm Specialists, Sonitrol and then ProCom, I went into law enforcement. During this time, I always stayed connected and involved in the security industry. I eventually started Elite System of Westchester in Yonkers. With the help and support of my mother, Mary Lou, handling the office duties, we grew the business from my childhood home part-time, while still working as a police officer. After my retirement from the PD, Basil and I became partners in Stratagem. I have always loved technology and strive to keep Stratagem on the cutting edge of what is new in the security industry. Customers are sometimes surprised with my style of thinking and refusal to accept the concept that something can’t be done. In my career, I have never come across the “impossible project”. It is rewarding to provide a solution that gives our customers the security they are looking for with the added bonus of saving them money. Our design processes always include planning ahead with future expansion in mind. Our team is nothing short of amazing. Some people would classify me as a classic workaholic. I was told by our team to get a hobby. I liked the sound of that. So now I travel quite a bit. I don’t think that is what they had in mind.

Basil Morales – Owner/Partner:

Team Member Since 2005

I have been involved in the security industry for over thirty years, with the past thirteen here at Stratagem. A lot has changed, but what has always been the same for me is providing the most current technology at an affordable price, along with an outstanding installation and customer experience. I have always believed in the phrase “lead by example and always do it first”. There is not an aspect of our business that I have not experienced. I have held many positions in this industry throughout the years, from holding the ladder as a helper to installations, to service, and eventually the responsibility of starting my own company and all that comes with it. I feel that these positions have given me an understanding and empathy for each and every role. I am involved in the day-to-day operation of each department, but I am very fortunate to work with an extremely capable team. This allows me the freedom to do what I enjoy most, working with existing customers on new and ongoing projects and connecting with new ones. Technology is providing new and exciting products every day for us to engage our clients. I truly enjoy what we, as a company, are able to bring to the table. Nothing means more to me than when someone feels secure enough to put the safety and security of their home or business in our company’s more than capable hands. I think I speak for the entire team when I say, this is not just our business. If you become one of our customers or join our organization, you become a part of our family. I am proud of the role I play in being a part of the Stratagem team.

Service and Support

John Foran – Service Manager:

Team Member Since 2006

I am the Service Manager for Stratagem Security and have been in the industry for forty years, and the last twelve with Stratagem Security. My duties include coordinating service, dispatching our technicians, and making sure that the right equipment is available to service you. Our team meets on a weekly basis to discuss how to improve the way we do things. During these meetings, we review any ongoing or open issues that we have and discuss how to bring them to a speedy resolution. My philosophy of “no one person has all the answers” helps to improve our quality of service. We also stay current on the ever-changing and evolving business of security. I look forward to working with you and serving your system.

Rob Kielb – Service Technician:

Team Member Since 2014

I am a Service Technician with over twenty years of experience in servicing and maintaining security and life safety systems. I enjoy the interaction with new and existing customers, as well as providing on-site repairs and remote support. I am also one of the Emergency On-Call Technicians in the event you have an emergency after hours. I look forward to providing you and your family or business excellent service.

Mike Babb – Remote Support Technician:

Team Member Since 2018

Hi, I’m Stratagem’s newest team member. My role is to assist you remotely with any tech issue involving video, access control, fire, or burglar alarm systems. I am a CompTIA A+ certified technician. My curiosity in computers started at a young age with gaming. From then on my knowledge continued to grow with the latest hardware and software coming out year after year. I have experience with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, as well as 10. I’m also experienced in MacOSX software. Helping people is a passion of mine and I look forward to working with you to troubleshoot any issue you have.

Kathleen Reyes – Service Coordinator:

Team Member Since 2016

As the Service Coordinator, I assist in customer relations, support, and the scheduling of service appointments for our customers. I enjoy troubleshooting customer issues over the phone and helping to avoid the need and expense of sending a technician whenever possible. I have nine years of customer service experience and also have worked in the Accounting Department. My responsibilities included working with Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Collections. I am most proud of the relationships that I have developed over the years with our customers, and I always do my best to treat them like family.


Paul Rufino – Installation Manager:

Team Member Since 2007

I am the Installation Manager at Stratagem Security. I have been on the Stratagem Team for over ten years. As the Installation Manager, I work with our team to ensure that we provide the highest quality installations to our customers. I have a comprehensive knowledge of our entire product line in both design and function. I am also factory trained and certified by the manufacturers of the products that we currently use. I look forward to providing an excellent installation experience for all of our customers in the future.

Joel Pena – Installation Technician:

Team Member Since 2012

I have been an Installation Technician at Stratagem Security for over 5 years. Stratagem Security was my first job in the trade. I started with little experience. Throughout my years with Stratagem, I have worked in installations, remote support, as well as service. These opportunities have allowed me to look at every situation from a variety of perspectives. Working in these fields has given me the knowledge and confidence I need to succeed. I have also recently begun working within the Installation Department, leading our subcontractors on larger projects, ensuring we are always providing quality installations and maintaining superior customer relations.

Project Management

Tijo Kolancherry – Project Coordinator / Customer Support

Team Member Since 2017

As Project Coordinator, I provide in-house support to our project management team. My duties include pre and post-project documentation requirements, purchasing, staging equipment required for the project, and monitoring project status through completion. I also schedule and coordinate installations and inspections. I am proud to be a part of a company that utilizes the state-of-the-art technologies and certified industry professionals to provide its services.


Betsy Mathew – Office Manager:

Team Member Since 2013

I am responsible for Project Management and the day-to-day Administration and Accounting at Stratagem Security. With more than seventeen years in the electronic security industry, I have an extensive hands-on Project Management, Administration, and Accounting experience. My educational background consists of Business Management and Accounting. My focus is on nurturing our entire team so that they can gain the skills they need to advance and provide excellent customer service to our customers.

Dean Czaplicki – Operations Manager / Sales

Team Member Since 2014

I have been involved in many aspects of operations at Stratagem Security and continually keep a focus on customer relations and interoffice values. My experience prior to Stratagem Security was on the Central Station side of security as a Quality Assurance Manager. My current position allows me to work closely with Service, Support, Sales, and Administration. I also handle a portion of Sales, consisting primarily of municipalities and school districts. I truly enjoy my relationships with our customers and being part of such a special team of people here at Stratagem Security.

Sales / Design

Chuck Rinka – Sales / Design Professional:

Team Member Since 2006

As a Sales Professional at Stratagem Security, we fill various shoes. We meet prospective customers, find out their needs, review their options, and try to match their budget with the most effective solution. We interact with our current customer base to review new products and solutions. In the installation process, we are on-site for the beginning of the project and are on-site for the conclusion of the project to make sure their expectations are met. I love the daily challenge of dealing with new and existing customers, interacting with them, and fulfilling their security needs.


For more information, contact us at 914-777-5700  or email us at  (for sales) sales@nycctv.us, (for service) service@nycctv.us


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