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How Much Do Home Security Components Cost?

Home security components can be combined to create a complete security system. The initial cost of installation can vary depending on the brand, functionality, connectivity, and more. If you are shopping for home security components, hiring a professional installation team will benefit you. If you are tech-savvy and conduct thorough research, you can find components that install and connect easily at an affordable price range.

Price Comparisons — DIY vs. Professional Installation

There are a wide variety of security systems available in today’s market. Depending on your needs, you can get set up for as little as $100 for a basic doorbell camera attached to an app on your Smartphone. This is an excellent option for apartment-dwellers where you can’t install hardwired systems or modify the structure. However, owning a single-family home will likely have more than one door.

The price of a complete home security system depends on the components you select. With just the basics — a door camera, door sensors, and maybe a rear floodlight and camera — you can keep your costs under $500 for the DIY system. If you opt for window sensors, additional flood lights, cameras, and more, your costs can soar as high as $10,000 for a professionally installed system.

DIY Costs Can Add up Quickly

The size of your home affects your initial installation costs. A small two-bedroom cottage-style home needs fewer components for full coverage than a huge five-bedroom farmhouse with three outbuildings. A simple DIY price breakdown by component:

  • Door and window sensors — $15 to $60 each
  • Keychain remotes — $24 each
  • Glass break sensors — $70 each
  • Motion detector units — $30 to $50 each
  • CCTV or WiFi-based cameras — $100 to $300 each
  • Smoke, fire, and CO2 sensors with alarms — $30 to $50 each

Tying all the components into a completely remote-controlled Smart home system can add $30 to $300 to your costs.

Professional Installation Costs Will Be Slightly Higher

When you work with a professional installer, the costs are not as high as you think. The component costs remain in a similar range. Choosing between a wireless and a hardwired system can also make a difference. More labor is involved in hardwiring a home security system so that the labor cost will be higher.

On average, you can expect installation costs to range between $800 and $1,600. Component costs for hardwired equipment are in the same general price range as their wireless counterpoints. When a component fails, maintenance and repair costs may be higher.

The Benefits of Professional Installation

We have established that a professional home security system installation costs more than the DIY version. Why opt for professional installation when you can save hundreds with a DIY system? A straightforward phrase — peace of mind. When hiring a professional, they do all the worrying for you. They help you design a security system that meets your needs and integrate the whole system to work using your Smartphone or home computer. No worries. If a component fails — they fix it for you.

Premium Equipment

There are a variety of inexpensive security components on the market. While they may fit the bill for an immediate “fix” to offer you a door camera, finding a more permanent solution is generally optimal. When you hire a professional installation company, you receive their guarantee that the components in your system are top line.

Many companies work with several specific brands based on their experience with the equipment. They know the company that makes the equipment and trust it for your security needs. With a Google search for a DIY kit, you only have the words of random strangers who may not have the exact security needs as you. With a professional installer, you have experienced hands-on technicians that are familiar with the equipment and rely on it to keep their customers happy.

Connectivity of Your Home Security Components Is Guaranteed

If you have ever worked with “Plug-N-Play” components, you know that they aren’t. While some will work and poof — you’re all connected. Others will be finicky. They don’t like your operating system. Your phone doesn’t have enough memory to install the app. The door camera rings and plays audio but won’t pull up the video feed. We’ve all been there.

With a professional installation team from Stratagem Security, your entire system will work together seamlessly. We connect all your components and make sure they work together. Your cameras, audio, and alarms will all function properly. You won’t need to learn a programming language to set your system up. They will do everything from designing your system and determining what components you need to installing and testing it for you.

Technical Assistance Available

Technical assistance is outsourced by many of the manufacturers of DIY equipment. When you need them, you will likely have to speak with “Kevin,” who barely speaks English (and that isn’t his real name). You try to explain your problem. They offer a few platitudes and maybe ask you to do a few things. None of it works. You ask for a different technician. You get transferred to “Barb,” and her English is slightly better, but she still doesn’t seem to understand your problem. Eventually, you might be transferred to an American call center. After four hours, the newest guy in the string helps you fix your issue in a few short minutes.

You never have to worry about connectivity with professionally installed home security components. If something falls off the circuit, they will reconnect your system for you. Although you may have a slight service fee if the problem resulted from something you did, many connectivity issues and system failures might fall under the initial installation and warranty contract.

Financing Available for Home Security Components in Some Instances

You can sometimes finance the cost of professionally installed home security components using your credit cards or a third-party lender. Some banks and credit unions offer short-term personal loans for home improvements such as Smart home systems.

Quality Monitoring Services

When you use professional security system installers, they will also connect you to a reputable monitoring service. While this will incur an additional monthly service fee, it is an investment worth considering. Monitoring with your phone is great, but if you’re on vacation, you won’t be able to dial 9-1-1 from your location. A monitoring service will take care of that for you.

Most monitoring services will allow you to set parameters for how much monitoring, with varying rates for additional services. The bare minimum offers alerts to fire and police. As with everything else about home security systems, research what is best for you and your family.

The Bottom Line — Your Safety and Security Is at Stake

If you are ready to find out how Stratagem Security can help design and install all your home security components, give them a call to schedule a system estimate. Our highly trained technicians will evaluate your home and property and make recommendations based on your individual needs.

Use our Contact Form to schedule your initial evaluation appointment or request more information.

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