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How Much Does a Full Home Smart System Cost?

If you’re looking for a full home smart system, you’ll need to sort through the many choices to find the best system for you. A complete system can range from around $200 to $1,500 or more. The final cost depends on what features you want to integrate into the system.

A Closer Look at the Costs

The average cost in the United States for a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) full home smart system installation is around $800. To have a system professionally installed is, of course, considerably higher. A professional system installation for full automation in a 4-bedroom home can be as much as $15,000!

Don’t get sticker shock yet. We’re covering all the highest-cost systems first. For professional installation of a fully wired system, labor rates are around $85 per hour. Outfitting a new, modern luxury home can range from $10,000 to $150,000 for all the bells and whistles.

Integration includes lights, security and alarm systems, thermostat controls, and entertainment systems. Almost everything in a home that operates on electricity can be controlled remotely. There are three general categories of integrations systems:

DIY Installations range from $100 to $3,000 and are a one-time expense. These include Google Nest, Ring, Alexa through Amazon, Blink (also Amazon), and SimpliSafe.

Subscription-based Installations can range from $500 to $1,500 or more and are a yearly cost. Some companies assess monthly charges that can be paid in installments throughout the year. This type of system includes programs such as Vivint and ADT.

Custom Installations are the priciest ranging from $2,000 to $150,000! Systems such as Savant and Elan are in this category.

We won’t be covering too much about that top-end installation category. Installing a full home smart system can be very affordable. The DIY plans available make installation simple. Even people with little technical know-how can install a fully wireless system.

What Is a Full Home Smart System?

When you install a full home smart system, you can automate everything connected to Wi-Fi in your home. This can include temperature controls, televisions, indoor and outdoor lighting, and even the garage door opener.

What Does a Full Home Smart System Control?

We’ve seen the commercials with an older couple dancing in a sunlit room. When the music stops, the gentleman says, “Alexa, play our favorite song again.” The music comes on, and the couple resumes their dance. Although home music and entertainment systems were some of the first items to be automated, technology keeps improving.

Now you can have a completely integrated home. But what does that mean, and how do you control everything?

Full-House Smart Systems — Room-By-Room

Roughly 39 million Americans are using smart speakers! Although most people think of music when considering a speaker, a smart speaker can be more like a personal assistant. Some perfect examples of this are Alexa and Siri. You ask, and they answer.

Smart speakers can handle the task, whether you are turning on a light or getting a local weather forecast. The most significant point to make when shopping for a full-home smart system is to make sure that all the individual components are compatible with one another.

Living Rooms, Family Rooms, and Dens

Smart TVs are taking over the world. A Smart TV is fully compatible with Wi-Fi and a fully capable streaming device.

Monitor and control your home heating and cooling system with a Smart Thermostat.

A Smart Plug is plugged into the outlet, and your appliance is plugged into the Smart Plug.

Lighting, Cleaning, and Security Options

Smart Light Switches have many features. First, they can be fully controlled from an app. Second, they offer features such as dimming.

Smart Bulbs are a quick and easy way to automate your lighting systems.

Video Door Bells can tell you when someone is at your door and display a video of the person. Many systems also offer the ability to have voice communication with visitors before opening your door. No stranger danger here!

Cats seem to love riding around the house on Robot Vacuum Cleaners. Some can be programmed and controlled with a smart device to keep your home dust-free.

Outside Security Lighting can be instrumental in keeping your home safe. Many systems are motion-controlled and also smart device capable.

Kitchen and Laundry Options

Smart Refrigerators can monitor the temperature and even track the contents. They’ll tell you if the door is open and even flash a photo of the contents while you’re in the grocery store!

For bakers and busy families, a Smart Oven can be pre-heated from a phone app so you can pop dinner in as soon as you get home from work. They even have Smart Crockpots that you can control remotely.

There are Smart Plates and Smart Forks for the calorie-conscious that help monitor calorie intake. These do need to be hand-washed but could be helpful for dieters.

With a Smart Dishwasher, you can monitor the wash cycle and remind the kids to put the clean dishes away.

For laundry, Smart Washers and Dryers allow remote monitoring, including the ability to pause the wash cycle.

Smart Coffee Pots are one of the oldest programmable kitchen appliances. Not sure when you want your first pot to start brewing? Roll over in bed and turn the pot on via an app when you wake up.

Want a device that can help with your shopping list? Smart Trash Cans can include a barcode scanner that automatically adds items you throw away to your shopping list. Never run out of frozen pizza rolls for the kids again. They are also odor-controlling and touch-free!

Choosing Your Full Home Smart System

Hopefully, you understand why the pricing can vary so widely on full home smart systems. Whether you select just a few items to automate your home or opt for everything available will affect the bottom line. Smart devices don’t just stop at the adults in a home, either.

There are controls for pet devices, nursery monitors, and every manner of device you can imagine. How much is too much? Only you can answer that question. If you feel overwhelmed, you are not alone.

Stratagem Security can provide the guidance you need. Although a professional installation may cost more upfront, the peace of mind is worth the expense. The technicians at Stratagem can discuss all the available options and automate your home to fill your needs.

Whether you want one device or several dozen, Stratagem Security is up to the task. To set up an appointment, use the handy online Contact Form or call our office at (914) 777-5700. Our integrated systems team can help you sort through what you need for your full home smart system installation.

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