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Finding a Westchester Energy Management Plan

Homeowner costs are not getting any lower. As you head toward what is expected to be a very warm summer you are now faced with how to manage your Energy output and intake better. What you are in need of is a strategy for your Energy Management Plan for the summer of 2018.

Whether you’re tackling high electricity bills, investing in or upgrading, the experts at Stratagem Security suggest focusing on the following features:

Does the Energy Management System integrate with solar and battery storage systems?

Your Energy Management System should know whether it will save you the most to pull energy from the grid, your batteries, or directly from your solar panels when the sun is shining. If you don’t have solar or batteries, your Energy Management System should be able to help you size up a system that is perfectly well-suited to your needs and budget – after helping you to identify and eliminate inefficiencies within your home.

Does the Energy Management System let you remotely CONTROL devices in your home?

Your Energy Management System, when determined in conjunction with the staff at Stratagem Security, will let you set timers and manually flip switches to cater to your needs any time you need to from anywhere. Can you justify investing in an Energy Management System that doesn’t allow you to do this?

Does your Energy Management System know you and your family’s habits? Will it automatically work around them?

westchester energy management planIt’s great to have a bunch of SMART appliances in your home – but your Energy Management Plan needs to be more than a SMART appliance, it needs to be “intelligent” too. From no-one being home during the day in the winter, to the kids being home for summer vacation. Or Mom enjoying shorter summer work hours, the system you choose needs to adapt around you. It needs to pick up on your general energy and usage patterns and offering suggestions or decisions accordingly. “Intelligent” systems do so much more than just SMART systems. When looking for the most effective Energy Management System for your home, Contact the experts at Stratagem Security at 914.777.5700.

Stratagem Security proudly provides both residential and commercial security solutions to Mount Kisco, Yorktown, Harrison, New Rochelle, New Jersey and New York City. Contact us today to learn more about installing your most effective energy management system.

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