Full home smart system

How Much Does a Full Home Smart System Cost?

If you’re looking for a full home smart system, you’ll need to sort through the many choices to find the best system for you. A complete system can range from around $200 to $1,500 or more. The final cost depends on what features you want to integrate into the system. A Closer Look at the

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Alarm System in NY

Where to Get an Alarm System in NY

If you’re wondering about getting an alarm system, you may have already decided on a specific type. That’s fine, but you’re still researching, which is why you’re here. Installing an alarm system is a huge endeavor. Weighing all the information can be a nightmare of technical

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Cost of a home security system

What Is the Monthly Cost of a Home Security System?

When people begin considering their home security, the first thought is usually, “What Is the Monthly Cost of a Home Security System?” At Stratagem Security, our technicians will explain every part of your security system to you including monthly monitoring fees. Security System Horror Stories

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Where Should Home Security Cameras be Installed?

When looking into home security a lot of questions and concerns can arise. Many may ask where should home security cameras be installed, among many other questions. Security cameras provide another set of eyes to the interior and exterior of your home, adding another layer of protection beyond alarms

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Home Burglar Alarm Systems Westchester

If you worry about the safety of your home and family, then looking into home burglar alarm systems in Westchester, NY is a smart idea. From simple to more comprehensive, security systems are the first step to making ensuring your safety while at home. Capable of providing notice of porch pirates or

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Best Home Wi-Fi Security Rockland NY

To determine the best home wi-fi security in Rockland, NY you first have to know your options. Stratagem Security has been in the security business for over 40 years, and our leadership team has had over 50 years combined experience in the security industry. Our team dedicates itself to protecting the

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Orange County Alarm Systems

While Orange County has long been considered one of the safest counties in New York, the crime rate has been increasing annually. Being proactive and installing an alarm system can prevent you or your family from becoming one of those increasing statistics. Orange County alarm systems have become an

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How Much Does an Alarm System Cost to Install?

Doing your research for “how much does an alarm system cost to install?” Contact an expert installation company that can give you an estimate based on your home’s design, your neighborhood, and taking into account your personal security concerns. A customized security security system

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Home Security Installation

Choosing a company for your home security installation requires some thought and consideration. Knowing what you need to secure your home and your timeframe for completion is important. A good security company can give you a quote that includes installation time upfront. Ensuring a timely and professional

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Alarm Systems, Fire Alarms, and Video Surveillance in Westchester NY

Not only is your house a home, but it’s also an investment. Protecting your family and house is vitally important. Using alarm systems, fire alarms, and video surveillance in Westchester, NY means you’re safer and less likely to lose your investment. Having these types of systems can alert

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