Best Home Wi-Fi Security Rockland NY

To determine the best home wi-fi security in Rockland, NY you first have to know your options. Stratagem Security has been in the security business for over 40 years, and our leadership team has had over 50 years combined experience in the security industry. Our team dedicates itself to protecting the homes, businesses, and families of our clients.

Wireless Home Security Systems

When it comes to wireless security systems, there are two types. While both types use battery-operated components that can be installed anywhere, the difference is in the networks they use to communicate. Broadband systems connect to your wi-fi  connection which your internet also uses. A cellular system has a cellular module that acts similarly to you cellphone. This system sends information to a monitoring station.

The most common type of wireless is the broadband system, though the cellular system is becoming increasingly popular due to it’s increased security. The broadband system’s downfalls are dependent on your internet reliability. If you have a poor internet provider that looses connection, you’re security system will also go down and leave  you vulnerable.

Monitoring Systems

In addition to the two types of security systems, you have two monitoring options. Self monitoring and professional monitoring. There are pros and cons to each. Self monitoring systems are often called DIY systems in that they are often installed by you and monitored by you via smartphone. The main benefit of this type of system is that there are no additional costs after the initial installation. The con is that if you aren’t able to respond to the notification on your phone, there is no one else to call emergency services.

A professional monitoring system has a monitoring company which handles monitoring your home 24/7. In the event of an incident, professional responders are sent to your home. The benefit to this is having the peace of mind knowing that someone is always watching out for you. Monitoring service does come with an additional cost. Usually it is a monthly fee that you pay. though some companies do offer annual packages as well. Another concern is that your monitoring company needs to be compatible with your security hardware.


Best Home Wi-Fi Security in Rockland, NY

Stratagem Security offers a variety of security options. Our knowledgeable technicians can go over your security concerns and discuss an installation that is right for your home and budget. With decades of experience in developing home security systems and providing 24/7 monitoring, Strategem Security is the right choice for you and your family. Contact us today for a free quote.


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