Orange County Alarm Systems

While Orange County has long been considered one of the safest counties in New York, the crime rate has been increasing annually. Being proactive and installing an alarm system can prevent you or your family from becoming one of those increasing statistics. Orange County alarm systems have become an important tool in fighting crime.

Stratagem Security has been installing these alarm systems for years. Our team of technicians and security experts will make sure you and your family have protection 24 hours a day at your home. Additionally, we offer a variety of protection options, including video surveillance and 24/7 monitoring.

Security Options

Every home and each family is different. At Stratagem Security we can customize your security package to one that meets your unique needs and budget. We utilize a wide variety of options for your protection.

Exterior and Interior Motion Detection

Exterior motion detectors are fairly common. Often seen in the form of floodlights that come on when the sensor detects movement. Infrared interior motion detectors will often sound an alarm or lights when sensing body heat of a person who has come into the home once the system is on.

Glass Break Detection

Most burglaries start with a broken window. An intruder will break the glass to gain entry to the home. Glass break sensors send an alert or sound an alarm when the window or pane of glass is broken.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Protection

Fire is reported as the most expensive loss on insurance claims. While carbon monoxide is often a silent killer due to it being virtually undetectable by scent or sight. Fire and carbon monoxide detectors protect your home and family by notifying you to the presence of smoke or carbon monoxide. With a monitoring service in place, an alert will also go out to emergency services. This allows for a faster response and quick resolution.

Gas Detection

Gas leaks can lead to explosions and loss of life as well as property. While gas does have an odor, having a gas detector is still a good idea. This type of device will alert you to the presence of gas and allow you to contact the gas company promptly.

Orange County Alarm Systems

With the increase in crime, getting an alarm system is vitally important. Stratagem Security will come out and evaluate your security’s weaknesses and discuss your concerns. We can then provide you the best security options, and discuss with you any concerns you may have.

Stratagem Security has the knowledge and expertise right here in Orange County to both evaluate and install your security system. Contact us today for a quote.


How Much Does an Alarm System Cost to Install?

Doing your research for “how much does an alarm system cost to install?” Contact an expert installation company that can give you an estimate based on your home’s design, your neighborhood, and taking into account your personal security concerns. A customized security security system drafted for your family’s safety is the best way to protect yourself.

Stratagem Security has been designing home security alarm systems for decades. With so many years of experience our team will make sure to address and alleviate any concerns you may have regarding your home’s protection. Even during the installation process, our expert technicians are guaranteed to be respectful and efficient.

Cost Considerations

Depending on the layout of your home and how complex your security concerns, the cost of an alarm system and it’s installation can vary. Something as simple as how many floors or windows you need covered can increase or decrease cost. Also, the number of entrances, whether you want cameras, a Smart installation, or motion detectors all determine the complexity of your security system.

The more complex the system you need or want will impact the overall estimate. Even having your fire or smoke alarms connect to your security system can change the overall price. There is also placement when it comes to smoke and fire detectors that must be taken into consideration.

Why Install a Security System?

While there are a lot of reasons why a security system is a necessary expense, there are some misconceptions as well. Some people have a feeling of “it’ll never happen here” due to some idea of safety in more prosperous neighborhoods. This is a false equivalent. The majority of  break-ins occur in middle-class neighborhoods.

Also, porch theft is quite common. Especially in these times when package deliveries are at an all-time high. Having a doorbell camera and a security system can help prevent these types of crimes, not only for you, but for your neighbors as well.

How Much Does an Alarm System Cost to Install?

Getting an estimate for your home or business security is the only true way to know how much your protection will cost. A professional installation company will come out and evaluate your security’s weakness. Once they’ve been established, they can provide the best security options, and discuss with you any concerns you may have.

Stratagem Security has the knowledge and expertise right here in NY to both evaluate and install your security system. Contact us today for a quote.



Home Security Installation

Choosing a company for your home security installation requires some thought and consideration. Knowing what you need to secure your home and your timeframe for completion is important. A good security company can give you a quote that includes installation time upfront.

Ensuring a timely and professional installation is what Stratagem Security does best. We can guide you through the process and provide a safe home within your budget. We are also capable of updating existing hardware to get the most up-to-date technology.

Reasons to Install Home Security

While you may be aware of some benefits to installing home security, there may be some unknown to you. Included below are some of the more common reasons why home security is important and beneficial. Stratagem Security has been in the home security installation business for decades and we are always willing to assist you in discussing anything you may want to know.


Home security systems protect your family from a multitude of crimes, but they can also protect you in the event of a house fire. In the event of a fire or crime, your system notifies emergency services so they can arrive promptly to save lives and property.

Deters Crime

There are studies, including one from Rutgers, that state the presence of security systems reduces crime in an area. The presence of alarms and cameras will deter most burglars, protecting your home, and will help protect your neighborhood as well.

Saves Money

Saving money is another additional benefit of a home security system. Security alarms lower your home insurance rates, but in addition to that, a smart system can lower your utility bills as well. With remote access, you can turn off lights, reduce heat or cooling, and other cost-saving actions.

Peace of Mind

Additionally, knowing that your home is being monitored 24/7 while you’re away or while your family is sleeping provides an immeasurable sense of safety. The protection of your family is shared with the monitoring company and will lift a great weight from your shoulders.

 Home Security Installation

Finding the right company for your installation needs is important. A local company with a good reputation and experience with working with their clients to make sure their family is safe can be hard to narrow down. Stratagem Security has been dedicated to providing these services to New York families since 1974.

Contact us today at (914) 777- 8000 for a quote.

Alarm Systems, Fire Alarms, and Video Surveillance in Westchester NY

Not only is your house a home, but it’s also an investment. Protecting your family and house is vitally important. Using alarm systems, fire alarms, and video surveillance in Westchester, NY means you’re safer and less likely to lose your investment. Having these types of systems can alert someone quickly so that intervention is timely.

Stratagem Security has been providing state-of-the-art security systems in New York and surrounding states since 1974. Utilizing cost-effective and cutting-edge technology, our goal is to provide the best peace of mind for you and your family we can.

Alarm Systems

An alarm system can be simple or comprehensive. Home security protects you from possible danger and your belongings from theft. Not only that, but most homeowners insurance policies provide discounts when there is a security system in place.

A security system with monitoring services can alert emergency services in case of fire, flood, or burglary. This feature is especially comforting when you’re away from home or asleep. With entrance and window alarms they can also tell you if your teenager is slipping out at night. Most security systems tie in with an app that keeps you updated on any concerns.

Fire Alarms

Fire is a devastating force that can easily kill. Depending on the severity, you can be left uprooted from your home and lose your belongings. Having an early warning could save thousands of dollars in damage and allow you to save your and your family’s lives.

Smoke detectors will alert you of smoke and possible fire before it gets out of control. One of the key recommendations for fire alarm systems is to have smoke detectors near the kitchen, laundry room, and outside bedrooms to best protect your family. Adding one to the garage would also be a good idea as often flammable liquids can be stored within.


Video Surveillance

A good video surveillance system could prevent burglary and advise you of security risks you have overlooked. Doorbell cameras are a popular lower-cost option for many. They are successful in preventing packages from being stolen and in identifying thieves.

While a more comprehensive system could alert you to potential burglary entry points in the back and sides of your home more quickly. This would allow the homeowner to secure his family and property while calling the police.

Integrating The Alarms and Systems

A smart system can integrate alarm systems, fire alarms, and video surveillance in Westchester, NY into one package. Choosing which systems and packages are best for you can be difficult. This is where an expert security company comes into play.

Stratagem Security can meet with you to design the best system that fits your needs. Our team of professional security experts is committed to protecting your home and family. Contact us today at (914) 777-5700!


Professional Security Camera Installation

You want to protect your home, family, and belongings, so you’re considering getting security cameras. Security cameras act as a deterrent to criminals and let you check on your family and pets as needed. You have two options for installing security cameras. You can do it yourself or hire a company for a professional security camera installation. Going with a professional is the way to go if you want to maximize the security system’s benefits. Go over some reasons why so many New York and New Jersey residents hire professionals to install security cameras.

Get a System Designed for Your Home

When you hire a company for a professional security camera installation, they can design a system specifically for your home. You can tell the company what you want out of the system, and then they will create it. They can also include the latest technology and even build a smart home security system. It’s much harder to get the ideal system when you go the DIY route. You’ll likely end up with an outdated system that doesn’t have the features you want and need.

Ensure Cameras Are Properly Placed With Professional Security Camera Installation

Professional installers will also ensure that your cameras are correctly placed. The company can run wires or drill holes as needed when placing the cameras. That way, the cameras will get the best views of the property.

Learn How to Use the System

If you install your system yourself, you’ll have to figure out how to use it. That can be challenging, and you might not learn how to use all the features. With a professional installation, the team will show you how to use the system. They won’t leave until you are comfortable using the system.

Schedule a Professional Security Camera Installation Today

Stratagem Security offers professional security camera installation in Westchester County, Rockland County, Essex County, and more. We can design and install your system and will show you how to use it. Contact Stratagem Security at (914) 777-5700 to get a quote.

Best Alarm Company in NY

If you live in New York, you understand the importance of protecting your home and property. Crime rates seem to increase constantly, and without the right alarm system, you could be at risk. Simply having an alarm isn’t enough, though. You need to go with the best alarm company in NY. Let’s go over some benefits of choosing the best company for your alarm system.

Technologically Advanced Burglar Alarms

The best alarm company in NY stays on top of the latest technological advancements. That includes smart home monitoring and alarm systems that allow you to check on your property at any time. Burglars are continually looking for new ways to commit crimes. Using the latest technology is critical if you’re going to protect your family and property.

Upgradable Systems

Because using the latest technology is essential, the best alarm company in New York also provides upgradable systems. You can easily upgrade the system to incorporate the latest features and technology, so you’ll never have an outdated alarm.

Fast Emergency Responses

The best alarm company in the Bronx and the surrounding areas also makes it easy to reach local authorities. The systems it offers have an emergency button that you can press if you need first responders to come to your property quickly. The authorities will receive the message immediately, and then you’ll know help is on the way. Hopefully, you won’t ever need to push the emergency button. However, if you do need it, it can be a lifesaver.

Access to Service and Repair Technicians

When you choose the best company, you’ll also have access to top-notch service and repair technicians. The technicians will keep your system up and running, so you’ll always be protected.

Reach Out to the Best Alarm Company in NY

Numerous satisfied customers agree that Stratagem Security is the best alarm company in NY. We serve the Bronx, Manhattan, Long Island, White Plains, and the surrounding areas and are ready to help you. Contact Stratagem Security at (914) 777-5700 to get a quote.

Smart Home Security Installation

If TV and movies are anything to go by, thieves are getting smarter. Burglars now rely on a combination of science and technology to get the job done. Since criminals have abandoned old mechanical methods, you must do the same. Do not rely on traditional security systems to combat technologically adept intruders. Instead, take advantage of the smart home security installation options available.

What Is Smart Home Security?

“Smart” security systems are linked to a home internet system. Using the internet of things, Stratagem Security places all your security apparatuses into one simple setup. We also provide a remote-view app from which you can check your property while away. All you need is an internet connection. The app also sends real-time alerts via text and email in case of unusual activities.

A Comprehensive Smart Home Security Solution

Stratagem Security offers a comprehensive smart home security installation solution. We seek to address even the smallest security vulnerabilities. You only choose the security item you want, and we install it. We offer smart alarms, smart video doorbells, and smart outdoor or indoor cameras. We also have smart smoke detectors and smart door and window opening sensors available. You may also shop for automatic and custom alerts, triggers, and reminders. We also offer gate, flood detection, fire protection, and perimeter intrusion detection systems.

We install the security systems for you and provide support services afterward. Our aftersales services include remote access integration, remote support, and 24-hour on-call service.

Skilled Techs

We have a team of experts to handle whatever type of security system you need. They have the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to install the latest models. The experts will work with you to make a plan and offer advice where necessary.

Easy to Navigate

Our systems and equipment offer easy navigation. You do not need to worry about the technical intricacies. Our expert techs fix each system and link them all up to your cellphone. You can control your entire security setup from the app.

Excellent Smart Home Security Installation Services

For smart home security installation services, visit Stratagem Security at Elmsford, New York. You can also call 914-777-8000 to request an appointment.

Security Camera Installation Near Me

You want to protect your property, so you’ve been searching for a company that offers “security camera installation near me.” Now, you need to weed out the Westchester and Rockland County companies and choose one. Let’s go over some tips for choosing an installation company.

Read the Google Reviews for Security Camera Installation Near Me

You can narrow the list of possible installation companies by reading the Google Reviews. When you look at reviews for camera installation companies, you can find out what people like and don’t like about the business. The best companies have an assortment of positive reviews. Look for words and phrases like “attention to detail,” “outstanding results,” and “professionalism” when you read the reviews.

Check the Experience

Experience is essential when choosing a company for “security camera installation near me.” Select a company that has been open for decades. Then you can rest assured that the installation technicians know what they are doing.  Then your system is sure to work as it should.

Find a Company That Offers a Full Range of Services

Right now, you are most interested in an installation. However, you will need services, repairs, and updates at some point in time. It’s a good idea to choose a company that offers everything you need. Then you won’t have to spend your time finding yet another security camera company.

Consider the Prices

During your search for a company that offers “security camera installation near me,” you can’t help but think about prices. Get quotes and choose a residential and commercial security system installation company that offers fair pricing for the services. Then you can get the best service possible without overpaying.

Get a Quote Today

Stratagem Security provides security camera installation in Westchester County and Rockland County. We have been in business since 1974 and have a wealth of positive reviews and satisfied customers. We also offer a full range of services at affordable prices. Contact Stratagem Security at (914) 777-5700 to get a quote.

Security System Installation in Westchester, NY

Is it time for you to feel safer in your own home? It’s the place you go to rest and relax, after all. So, it just makes sense that you would want to feel as secure as possible. For most people, this means turning to a security system. Not only can these security systems protect you, your family, and your belongings, but it can also give you peace of mind both when you’re at home and when you’re away. But before you take the leap, there are a few things you should know about security system installation in Westchester, NY.

Choose a Reliable Company

When you choose to get a security system installation in Westchester, New York, you want to make sure you choose the right company. The best companies out there will meet all your security needs. They’ll even go above and beyond to make sure you feel as safe as possible in your home. Ask around to people you know or get online to check the reviews for specific companies. This will help you make the most well-informed decision possible when it comes to your safety.

Actually Use the System

Too many people just forget to use their security system on a regular basis after they get a security system installation in Westchester, NY. Remember that you have to set your security system and turn it off when necessary to ensure you’re getting as much out of it as possible.

Get the Scoop on the Best Security System Installation in Westchester, NY

Want to know where you can find the very best team to install your security system? Just make your way to Stratagem Security. This is the place to go when you want to feel safe in your home. When you’re ready to learn more, feel free to give us a call at 914-777-5700. We can’t wait to help you out with this project.

Security System Supplier near Me

If you are searching for a “security system supplier near me,” then you already know how a security system can help your home or business. Safety and security are important factors for a successful business. Also, having a home you know is safe brings peace of mind. Stratagem Security is a full-service security system provider with more than 40 years of experience protecting what you value most.

Protecting Your Home with a Security System

If you are searching for a “security system supplier near me” because you wish to secure your home, Stratagem Security can help. This business offers motion detection both inside and outside your home, as well as detection of breaking glass.

Security systems can help detect intruders, but they do more than that. They also secure your home and notify authorities if there is a fire or carbon monoxide is detected. Furthermore, your vacations will be even more relaxed because you know your home is safe. Your system has alerts for while you are away for temperature changes that indicate potential problems.

Stratagem Security will set up and service your home security system and provide you any needed repairs. The company uses the most advanced technology available to protect your home and everyone in it.

Protecting Your Business with a Security System

If you are a business owner searching for a “security system supplier near me,” you already know the importance of protecting your business. Business owners are responsible for protecting not only their employees and inventory but also their customers’ information. Stratagem Security can customize a security system that serves your unique needs. Security cameras help deter crime and help police and other personnel if there is ever an issue. Also, having a security system at your place of business enables you to save on your insurance each month.

Stratagem Security can personalize your notifications and offer you the ability to monitor activities at your place of business. A security system at your business will help ensure the safety of your customers and your employees.

Contact Stratagem Security for a Free Quote

Are you searching for a “security system supplier near me”? If so, it’s time to contact Stratagem Security. Our Elmsford, NY, company has been installing surveillance systems in the NYC area since 1974, and we are ready to help you. Contact Stratagem Security at (914) 777-5700 to go over your needs and receive a free quote.


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