Alarm Systems, Fire Alarms, and Video Surveillance in Westchester NY

Not only is your house a home, but it’s also an investment. Protecting your family and house is vitally important. Using alarm systems, fire alarms, and video surveillance in Westchester, NY means you’re safer and less likely to lose your investment. Having these types of systems can alert someone quickly so that intervention is timely.

Stratagem Security has been providing state-of-the-art security systems in New York and surrounding states since 1974. Utilizing cost-effective and cutting-edge technology, our goal is to provide the best peace of mind for you and your family we can.

Alarm Systems

An alarm system can be simple or comprehensive. Home security protects you from possible danger and your belongings from theft. Not only that, but most homeowners insurance policies provide discounts when there is a security system in place.

A security system with monitoring services can alert emergency services in case of fire, flood, or burglary. This feature is especially comforting when you’re away from home or asleep. With entrance and window alarms they can also tell you if your teenager is slipping out at night. Most security systems tie in with an app that keeps you updated on any concerns.

Fire Alarms

Fire is a devastating force that can easily kill. Depending on the severity, you can be left uprooted from your home and lose your belongings. Having an early warning could save thousands of dollars in damage and allow you to save your and your family’s lives.

Smoke detectors will alert you of smoke and possible fire before it gets out of control. One of the key recommendations for fire alarm systems is to have smoke detectors near the kitchen, laundry room, and outside bedrooms to best protect your family. Adding one to the garage would also be a good idea as often flammable liquids can be stored within.


Video Surveillance

A good video surveillance system could prevent burglary and advise you of security risks you have overlooked. Doorbell cameras are a popular lower-cost option for many. They are successful in preventing packages from being stolen and in identifying thieves.

While a more comprehensive system could alert you to potential burglary entry points in the back and sides of your home more quickly. This would allow the homeowner to secure his family and property while calling the police.

Integrating The Alarms and Systems

A smart system can integrate alarm systems, fire alarms, and video surveillance in Westchester, NY into one package. Choosing which systems and packages are best for you can be difficult. This is where an expert security company comes into play.

Stratagem Security can meet with you to design the best system that fits your needs. Our team of professional security experts is committed to protecting your home and family. Contact us today at (914) 777-5700!


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