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Where to Get an Alarm System in NY

If you’re wondering about getting an alarm system, you may have already decided on a specific type. That’s fine, but you’re still researching, which is why you’re here. Installing an alarm system is a huge endeavor. Weighing all the information can be a nightmare of technical jargon for many people.

Consider a Professionally Installed Alarm System

At Stratagem Security, we want our customers to know and understand exactly what their alarm system does and how it works. As professional installers, we have a stake in the discussion, but we’ll also be talking about DIY installations.

The largest advantage to a professionally installed alarm system is peace of mind. You don’t need technical knowledge. There is no need to figure out schematics, wiring configurations, or wireless integration. You don’t have to guess about what type of equipment you will need. The professionals do all that for you.

There are specific pros and cons to a professionally installed home security system also. First, the pros:

Customized: Each professional system is unique to your home or business.

Reliable Monitoring: Better quality and guaranteed 24/7 monitoring.

Integration: Everything is tied together to perform seamlessly.

As with all things in life, there are cons:

Cost: A professionally installed system will be more expensive than a DIY system.

Difficult to Transfer: Most people leave alarm systems when they move and start from scratch in a new home.

Wasted in an Apartment: If an apartment complex allows you to install, it may be limited to lease rules.

There is an added con if you are dealing with a less-than-reputable security company — the upsell. This is when an installer might try to pressure you into upgrades or to add extra equipment you don’t need.

Not all security companies are like that. At Stratagem Security, our technicians will not try to upsell added components.

DIY Solutions May Leave You Hanging

Although Do-It-Yourself alarm system installations are much less expensive, they also have advantages and disadvantages. If you are considering a DIY alarm system, the pros are:

Growth Potential: You can start with a low number of components and add to the system as necessary.

Easily Moveable: Easy to move the entire system to a new home or apartment.

Self-Monitored: Can be professionally monitored or self-monitored (cost savings on monthly fees).

And, of course, the accompanying disadvantages:

Installation Difficulty: Installation in multi-level areas can be difficult.

Maintenance: If it breaks, the repair or replacement cost can be higher.

Monitoring: Some professional monitoring is available. Self-monitoring is less effective.

If you opt for a DIY alarm system, it is important to understand the limitations. While this is an effective option and can offer some peace of mind, there are maintenance, technical expertise, and monitoring solutions available with the professionally installed system.

What Components Are in an Alarm System?

Each home alarm system may have different components. When our technicians perform an estimate, they will include everything they feel will make up a comprehensive home security system. Additional components can be added at the homeowner’s request.

At Stratagem Security, we are guided by our customer’s needs rather than sales commissions. Some of the items that might be a part of your home security system are:

  • Flood Detection
  • Fire/Smoke Detectors
  • Motion Detectors (inside and outside)
  • Glass Break Sensors
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection
  • Intrusion Detection

Additionally, your system may include other options such as Panic Alarms, Gas Detection, and Temperature Alert Systems. Because each system is custom-fit for individual customers they may not contain the same components. When our technicians design an alarm system, they design it around the individual needs of each customer.

All systems installed by Stratagem Security include:

  • On and Off-Site Support and Service Plans
  • Monitoring by a professional monitoring service
  • Interactive Services
  • Remote control ability via an easy-to-use app

When you opt for a professionally installed alarm system, you will pay more, but you also receive so much more. The cost includes worry-free maintenance and operation of your entire system.

Monitored Services or Self-Monitored Systems

We briefly mentioned self-monitoring your alarm system vs. paying a monitoring service. Although the monitoring service will incur a monthly service fee, it is worth considering. According to FBI crime stats, property crime victims in 2018 lost the equivalent value of $16.4 billion. This included property losses from burglary, theft, and vandalism.

When comparing statistics between the years 2017 and 2018, the following drops were noted:

  • 11.9 percent decrease in burglaries
  • 5.4 percent decrease in larceny and thefts
  • 3.1 percent decrease in auto-related thefts

Much of the decrease in crime statistics can be directly attributed to an increase in home security systems. Whether people installed a simple Ring camera on their front door or a complete system installation, the stats are clear. Alarm systems are a crime deterrent. In fact, property crime has experienced a decline of more than six percent over the past 16 years!

In addition to the overall peace of mind, you may experience a decrease in your home insurance premiums after installing an integrated home security system.

Integration at Your Fingertips

Whether you decide on a professionally installed system or a DIY system, you will have the ability to completely integrate your home. Tying in lights, temperature controls, and other automation options can reduce your energy costs too!

Most home security systems, including DIY systems, come with the ability to tie everything into one Smartphone app. This allows you to control your entire home even while you are miles away. As long as you have a cellular signal you can control your entire integrated security system.

If you are ready to explore your options for professionally installed home alarm systems, contact Stratagem Security for an estimate.

Stratagem Security — Your NY Alarm System Installers

Are you ready to start experiencing the advantages of a professionally installed home security system? Remember the benefits you’ll be signing up for:

  • Deterrent for burglars
  • Protection from theft, fire, and more
  • Energy-saving and fingertip control convenience
  • Home insurance savings
  • Peace of mind knowing your home is safe

Stratagem Security is a full-service company that keeps your needs first and foremost when planning your security system. They install home and business alarm systems in New Jersey, New York, and across the Hudson Valley Region. With 50 years of combined experience in the field, you’ll be in great hands.

New customers can request information using our online Contact Form or by calling (914) 777-8000.

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