Alarm Companies in NY

Alarm Companies in NY

Alarm companies in NY have an important job — keeping families safe no matter what their home setup is. At Stratagem Security, we know that your safety depends on the quality of our work. But we also know that not every home has the same security needs. That’s why our goal is to design an alarm system that totally fits you and your family.

Stratagem Security has been serving the region as one of the best alarm companies in New York since 1974. For 40 years, our team has been dedicated to providing customers with home security systems that put safety needs first.

Find Out What Makes Us One of the Best Alarm Companies in NY

But it’s more than our dedication and expertise that makes us one of the leading alarm companies in New York. At Stratagem Security, we prioritize customer service. We want to make sure you feel like you’re connecting with people, not machines. That’s why we’re dedicated to always having a real person on the other end of the phone line.

We always stay abreast of the latest in security technology as well. That’s why you can be sure that your home security system uses the best tools in the industry. But don’t worry — our quality doesn’t drive up our costs. At Stratagem Security, we don’t believe that using one of the best alarm companies in NY should cost you the bank. We aim to get you the best in security technology at the lowest possible price. It’s care and dedication like this that make Stratagem Security one of the best alarm companies in New York!

Why the Best Alarm Companies in New York Are Still Affordable

We offer all the leading services in security technology. From nanny cams to alarm systems, remote access and control, and integration services, we provide everything to keep your home safe. We have more than 50 years of combined experience providing services as one of the best alarm companies in NY. That’s why Stratagem Security is the best choice for keeping our home safe.

If you want to find out more about what makes Stratagem Security one of the best alarm companies in NY, contact Dean Czaplicki at 914-777-5700, 203-668-5414, or

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