With new technology emerging constantly, we are always adapting and adding new services to our arsenal! That is why we have forged a partnership with SelectaDNA, which provides advanced forensic marking technology to help drastically reduce crime. SelectaDNA uses an advanced forensic marking that will assist law enforcement with the verification of property, preventing theft and bringing criminals to justice.

The Science Behind SelectaDNA

  • - Safe and Durable: Stays on skin 4 to 6 weeks, clothing 2 to 3 months and hard surfaces 5 years or more
  • - Provides absolute identification certainty as each code only exists on items, or people, from a sole source
  • - Engineered same as structure of human / organic DNA
  • - Non-toxic and water-based solution. Completely safe and thoroughly tested.

The highly effective crime-fighting technology has been used in 47 countries and on five continents for more than a decade. It is now available in the United States through Stratagem Security. The technology:

1) Prevents crime (especially robbery, burglary and theft), and

2) If a crime is committed, helps law enforcement more effectively identify, apprehend and prosecute criminals.

By using SelectaDNA’s unique forensic marking technology, we can help better protect your business or home from being a target of criminals.

Proven to reduce crime up to 86%

Knox County Sheriff talks about SelectaDNA Intruder Spray System

For more information on advanced forensic marking for either your home OR business, please give us a call at 914-777-8000


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